The secret to more sales transactions,
is to make sales
less transactional

Customers with connections to a brand will spend 23% more than customers without brand loyalty.


Devotion starts with


Happy relationships are a 2-way street

That's why we created solutions for brands and consumers


Our brand platform helps businesses understand their customers - enabling them to create messaging that drives conversion.

Our consumer app centralizes and organizes loyalty points and programs from different shops.

Brand Platform

Tech Stack Integration

Connect your POS, online ordering and CRM platforms to Deevo and allow us to organize and make sense of your data.

Customer Resonance

Receive insights on your customers' spending habits, allowing you to deploy products and marketing that appeals to them.

Performance Tracking

Unlike competitors who rely on retrospective analysis, Deevo proactively monitors product performance, enabling real-time trend identification.

Screenshot of our brand platform

Consumer App

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    Easily view your point balance from different shops and redeem more rewards!
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    Stay up to date about upcoming events, product drops and secret sales from your favorite brands.
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    Share rewards with friends because shopping is always more fun with others.

Meet the Team!

Jessa Parayno's headshot

Jessa Parayno

Co-founder & Product Lead

Willy Lee's headshot

Willy Lee

Co-Founder & Finance Lead

Sophia Yang's headshot

Sophia Yang

Design Lead

Elisa Xia's headshot

Elisa Xia

Marketing Lead

Andres Garcia's headshot

Andres Garcia

Business Development Lead

Did You Know?

That penguins are extremely loyal?


That's why our mascot, Nootsie, is a penguin!

We received funding from USC!


We were 1 of 10 ventures to be awarded funding from the university's inaugural Ignite Grant.

We're about to launch our pilot!


We are a California based company and will launch our pilot in the Bay Area and LA in Q3'24.


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